Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lady Gaga... fabulous.

I don't know why I love this outfit so much. The attitude, the nude, pink, and black, the multiple pairs of sunglasses, her rockin' abs... everything lol. I've been listening to Just Dance to get ready for going out (read: pre-gaming) lately and it's the perfect song for that genre of catchy, up-beat, party anthems sure to be on repeat at your nearby sorrority house! lol I guess catchy pop songs are my guilty pleasures. Specially those entertaining pop wrecks. Stupid tabloids.


  1. amazingly beautiful and stylish !!!

  2. Ahhh she is fabulous!
    Not many people could pull off the outfits she wears, but she does it with such flair!!
    Plus she is absolutely stunning.

    I listen to "Just Dance" before i go out as well - it really gets me in the mood to... dance!
    - we share the same guilty pleasure!

    Have a beautiful day

  3. Thanks for the comment, the quality of the rings isn't so great but for $3, hey, I love them =]