Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historical Inauguration in T-Minus...

My latest obsession, hulu tv, is an amazing site that gathers all the free shows, movies, and clips on the internet with less annoying commercials than most. In only a matter of hours, we will see the live inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. This is going to be so epic! It's one for the history books as America's first multiracial* president!
*he is half-white... we do have the first black First Lady, however!

---- EDIT [10:16 am pct] : What an amazing speech! Obama declared with great fervor the need for immediate action to spearhead the greatest issues facing the U.S. today. I thought he did a great job of instilling hope for the future in even so desperate and difficult a time in our country. I'm glad that the connection to Lincoln's inaugural address wasn't as central as his declaration of his own convictions and promises for the coming term, though still held the air of historical monumentality. I know I wasn't the only one who watched with nervous excitement as Obama eagerly took the oath upon Lincoln's inaugural Bible. By the way, what ever happened to "separation of church and state"? It's always been a danced-around topic at these presidential events, citing tradition and such but Rick Warren's pre-oath prayer was an interesting addition to the event, as was Aretha Franklin's sparkly bow hat.
You can read (or even listen to) the text of his speech here, from the International Herald Tribune.

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