Monday, January 26, 2009

Feelin' Myself

Some things I like right now:
  1. Bird feeders. I recently bought a Squirrel Buster Mini wild bird feeder. I have an obsession with "feeding the birds" that comes from my mother (or was it Mary Poppins?). My mom has multiple seed feeders, hummingbird feeders, and bird baths--much to the pleasure of my two cats as well. So I'm hanging mine tomorrow.
  2. Smashbox O-Gloss. It's the "intuitive lip-gloss" version of the famed O-Glow, with a slightly more subtle pink.
  3. Cookbooks. Vegetarian ones with pictures please! But as my housemate's mother warned: "Careful dear, buying cookbooks can become an addiction." I'm afraid I might be susceptible. This one was on clearance for $4.99!
  4. Free music that happens to be good and legal too! My two favorite sites so far for sweet alternative and indie artists are RCRDLBL and SubPop Records. Do you know of any more?
  5. One of my classes was canceled today! So I got a rice paper tofu veggie wrap with tahini from the Cafe. Mmm.
  6. The song Valerie by Amy Winehouse on her B-Sides album. It's infectious, happy, and soulful and has been stuck in my head for the last 3 days. Also on my playlist: Fleet Foxes, TV on the Radio, Human Highway, Bon Iver, Santogold, National Parcs, and Cee-Lo Green.
  7. Layering. It's getting sunny but has hardly affected the temperature... it's still freezing in the morning and afternoon and stuffy hot in the classrooms and over-chilled in the library. Layering is the only thing saving me now.
Some things I don't like right now:
  1. My bike seat got stolen today. Or yesterday. That's what I get for being lazy and leaving out on the street overnight... twice. Stupid loser theft made me look like an ass walking my bike home today. And even more dumb when I realized I could ride it standing up... One of those days.
  2. Stuffy noses. It's that time of the year as well.
  1. I love these two looks from Alexis Mabille Spring 2009 Couture. I love the menswear/ utilitarian feel and the swing of the coat on Chanel. I love the mix of the textured velvet coat with the sequin shirt tucked in. The purple shoes throughout were great too.

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